Air safety solutions designed for your needs

We have air scrubbers that bring peace of mind to schools, dental and medical offices; cafes, shops, gyms, home shares—any indoor space where people gather.

Offices and Shops

The PuraShield 500 is our all-around, compact, portable air filtering solution. Tests show it removes 99.46% of solutions carrying SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.* The 500 also filters smoke, pollen, and other airborne contaminants.  Its filter takes minutes to change and does not need special disposal.
PuraShield 500

Larger, More Complex Spaces

The PuraShield 500 and 1000 Smart units offer increased power and customizability.  Get the same COVID-fighting power* of our 500 units, but the Smart line has a two-component filter and media system that can be adjusted to better remove mold, smoke, and odorous gases, depending on your unique space. Also, the Smart units’ more powerful motors achieve more air change cycles per hour.  They also have real-time air quality sensors.

Smart Units


The PuraShield Mini is a sleek and compact air scrubber with our same COVID-fighting media* plus a UV light to kill airborne microbial threats. In an average sedan it delivers two complete air changes in one hour.  For under $100 it’s becoming a standard for ride shares, shuttle vans, and even family carpools.

Img 1_PuraShield Maincrop
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